Curriculum Aims and Ambition:  

The Curriculum at Selston High School supports the mission statement: “To Inspire every member of the school community to achieve their full potential and enjoy the experience” by giving students the opportunity to learn and develop in a supportive and creative environment in which there is a focus on recognising achievement and supporting progression and in which students feel safe and happy.  The curriculum aims to promote the social, moral, spiritual and cultural development of the students as well as their intellectual and physical development.   

The school is committed to providing a broad and balanced curriculum, based on the National Curriculum; which is planned to provide continuity and progression.  It also develops students’ capacity to work independently and collaboratively and to build their ability to become increasingly resourceful, resilient and reflective.   This will enable our students to be equipped to deal with the challenges our rapidly changing world may hold for them in the future. 

Curriculum Intent:  

In order to achieve our curriculum aims and ambitions, the school will provide a curriculum which: 

  • Meets the individual needs of all students and enables all students to fulfil their potential irrespective of their ability, background, age, gender, disabilities, culture or race 
  • Is broad and balanced and ensures all subjects are valued to ensure rich and deep learning experiences are provided for all learners 
  • Develops students’ knowledge and skills in a coherently planned and sequenced pathway for learning 
  • Provides opportunities for the intellectual, personal, social, emotional, cultural and creative development of all students 
  • Ensures students have the opportunity to participate in a range of enrichment activities within and beyond the formal curriculum  
  • Enables students to develop effective literacy skills, especially in reading and writing  
  • Develops students’ resilience, resourcefulness and reflectiveness  
  • Enables students to develop a greater awareness of their local and wider communities and prepares them to make a positive contribution to their communities 
  • Prepares students for life beyond school by providing high quality Careers Education and Guidance and by ensuring students have the opportunity to learn a range of skills to prepare them for their next steps and for future employability 

Commitment to the EBacc 

The school recognises the government’s ambition to see 75% of pupils studying the EBacc subject combination by 2022 and 90% by 2025. To increase our number of pupils studying the EBacc combination we have a commitment to increase the uptake of Languages at KS4. To achieve this we have given more hours to Languages at KS3 (5 hours a fortnight) and increased the number of options at KS4. We also promote languages through House competitions and assemblies.