Attendance is one of the biggest factors that influences children’s achievement and when a child attends school regularly, they succeed. Arriving on time for school gives a positive start to the day, ensuring that children are ready to learn all day and that no learning is lost. We want all children to be happy, safe and supported at school to support their strong attendance.   

Good attendance and punctuality are important life-skills that are highly valued by employers, colleges and universities and teaching students about the importance of good attendance is an important part of our curriculum.    

Attendance is a legal requirement and Selston High School expects students to attend every day and has an attendance target of 96%. 

Responsibility as a parent/carer 

If you are a parent of a child of statutory age (between five and 16 years) who is registered at a school you are responsible for making sure s/he attends school regularly.  

Why does attendance matter?  

Attending school on a regular basis is the key to your child doing well at school and will set them up with good routines for later life and the working world, as well as giving them the opportunity to:  

Make friends and feel included  

Learn new things and develop skills  

Increase their confidence and self esteem  

Improve social skills  

Achieve their potential and fulfil aspirations  

Every school day counts  


97%+Above 97%. Less than 6 days absence a year: Excellent attendance! Students with this attendance should achieve the best grades they can, leading to better prospects for work, college or university.
96%+96%. Less than 9 days absence in a year: Students with this attendance are likely to achieve their target grades and have good opportunities for work, college and university.
90%+90%. 19 days absence over the year: Students with this attendance are missing a month of school per year and may drop an exam grade; it will be difficult for them to achieve their best.
85%+85%. 29 days absence in a year: These students are missing 6 weeks of school a year, it will be very difficult for them to keep up and do their best.
80%+80%. Students with this attendance are missing a year of school over the five years of secondary education, it will be almost impossible to keep up with work. Parents of students with this level of attendance could be issued with a Penalty Notice.

What is authorised absence?  

This is any absence that is approved by your child’s headteacher. These absences will be marked in the attendance register with an authorised absence code.  

What is an unauthorised absence?  

This is any absence that is not approved by your child’s headteacher including:  

Absence for which a parent has not provided a reason  

Absence where the reason provided has not been accepted as a justifiable or genuine by the headteacher  

If your child arrives late after the close of registration  

These absences will be marked in the attendance register with an unauthorised absence code.