Selston High School is proud of its excellent reputation locally as a safe, caring school with high standards and expectations. The schools aim is for every student to achieve their full potential and enjoy the experience of attending Selston High School. The school understands the importance of GCSE examination success for our students’ future life chances but we are also aware of our duty to prepare young people to go out into the world as good citizens, with good mental health who can make a positive contribution to their communities and the future. Our unique Pledge Award is one way in which we ensure that we recognise and value the whole child not just their academic achievements.  

Pastoral Care 

The school has strong pastoral leadership at all levels and students who attend Selston High School feel safe, and well cared for. The values of respect for others, respect for learning and respect for the school, underpin everything that we do and ensure that students can learn and grow in a calm, supportive environment.  In addition to a form tutor, all students can access well-being support through the Student Support Centre where trained members of staff work closely with young people and their families to ensure they have the best chance of thriving in all aspects of their lives.  


The curriculum at Selston High School offers students the chance to study a broad range of academic and vocational subjects, and this is enhanced by a comprehensive enrichment offer. At Selston we understand the importance of GCSE qualifications and therefore prepare students for the rigour of external examinations. We recognise that education is about more than qualifications, and we ensure that all students leave Selton High school with the cultural capital they will need to navigate the modern world.  Through our enrichment programme we ensure that students are introduced to the most important ideas, concepts and ways of thinking from a range of disciplines including philosophy and ethics and environmental studies.