All students have the right to receive high quality homework and subsequent feedback to support their learning and progress in line with the equal opportunities policy at Selston High School. 

Homework is issued to support, extend and consolidate learning undertaken in lessons. It is important in engendering effective study skills and general personal effectiveness. It also contributes significantly to higher attainment and achievement for all. 

It is likely that homework will take a number of different formats depending on the nature of the subject, the specific learning objectives and the individuals and groups involved. In this manner, set homework will always be appropriate and will develop high quality learning experiences. It will not be a ‘bolt on’ that has little relevance to prior or future learning experiences or opportunities. Homework is likely to be diverse in nature and include research, repetition of learning, utilising new and emerging technologies, preparation for learning and extension of learning. 


There is an expectation that all staff set homework according to the frequency set out below. 

All homework is set via Class-charts and can be accessed by students, staff and families.  

Staff will give a minimum of three evenings to complete the homework. Staff will give prompt and appropriate feedback to students regarding their homework, which may be verbal, written or electronic via Class-charts. Staff will reward students who have demonstrated good effort in homework completion and those who produce homework reflecting high attainment or achievement. These rewards will be allocated via Class-charts. Staff will also use Class-charts to record students who do not complete homework or whose homework reflects minimal effort, i.e. falls well below expectations. Where this is the case, the behaviour policy and Ladder of Consequences applies. 

All students are expected to complete homework tasks to the best of their ability and submit homework either prior to or on the specified deadline set by the member of staff. 

30 minutes per subject in Y7 and 8.  

Homework will be set weekly in English, maths and science.  

Short recall homework will be set regularly in geography, history and MFL. 

Homework will be set according to need in art, drama, D&T, ICT and music. 

Up to 60 minutes per subject Y9, Y10 and Y11. 

Homework will be set weekly in English, maths, science and all option subjects.