Central to the first-class offering we seek to provide at Selston High School is the belief that education extends far beyond the classroom experience.   

We ensure this by giving our students a varied programme of enrichment activities, which help them to develop their existing talent whilst also offering fresh and new experiences to ignite new passions and foster the development of undiscovered skills or just offer a great chance to do things they enjoy with their friends. Through all of this, as well as through their core studies, students will grow intellectually, personally, and socially, becoming well-rounded young adults ready to take their place in the world. 

We are always looking to develop our enrichment activities to ensure that they are relevant and engaging. 

Timetables of activities will be emailed to all students. 

Sports Clubs

We offer a variety of activities including trampolining, football, boccia, rounders, rugby, basketball, badminton, athletics, and dance at lunch and after school with teams participating in local competitions. We also provide opportunities for students to get become sports leaders, working with local primary schools to organize sporting tournaments.


In recent years we have organized very successful visits to Iceland to look at geographical formations, taken students skiing in Italy, experienced foreign language, and culture during visits to France and Spain, enjoyed an acting workshop on Drama visits to the West End and visited the sites and museums during Science visits to London.
As part of their studies students visit the Derbyshire dales, local businesses, local theatres and music venues, Birmingham, and the Holderness Coast.


Students are entered in the UKMT maths individual and team challenges. We are past winners of the UK LEGO robotics challenge. Our Academy Trust also hosts competitions across the 9 schools.

Subject support

In addition to the regular intervention and catchup classes that take place. Many subject areas run after school clubs.
Our Drama club regularly puts on very popular shows where students not only perform but are encouraged to take many of the backstage and technical roles.
Music offers not only individual instrument or vocal tuition during the school day but the
opportunity to get involved with the many musical ensembles which perform at school events and in our local community.


Students are encouraged and supported to consider others and wider issues.
Groups are currently or have recently.
Worked on environmental issues, planting trees around the site and considering the wider global issues
Collected for local good causes.
Organised and run coffee mornings for local and national charities

Pledge Award

We encourage all of our students to work towards achieving the Selston Pledge Award

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