The school is divided into year groups and each year has a Head of Year who is responsible for all aspects of school life relating to students within their year. All students are part of a tutor group and their tutor will get to know each students as an individual and work closely with parents to ensure that your child feels happy, safe and included at our school. In addition, all students can access support from the Student Support Centre which specialises in helping young people suffering with behavioural, physical or mental health problems, friendship issues or other things that may prove to be barriers to their learning. Students will also be attached to one of 4 Houses: 


The House system is central in promoting enrichment activities and a hotly-contested House Championship. 

The Houses actively support sporting, inter-house and charity events, as well as a variety of personal development activities including trips and end of term activities. All students will be encouraged to participate fully in the day-to-day life of their House and help contribute to the wide and varied competitions it provides.