During the spring term students will be sent individualised timetables and that will highlight when their exams will take place. Please be aware that under no circumstances can the dates for GCSE exams be altered. An exam Contingency Day can be any day up to and including Wednesday 29th of June 2022. This means that students MUST be available to sit exams from the start of the exams until Wednesday 29th of June 2022 included and not away on holiday. This decision is not a school decision and does apply to all candidates in all schools. Individual exams cannot be taken at an earlier/later time of day. Laws of the governing exam boards dictate exactly when the exams are scheduled and school does not have the authority to change times or dates. Please check relevant Exam Timetable when available and make a note of the new reserve exam date especially with regards to holidays and weddings.  

Plans for Examinations in Summer 2022
Ofqual has released a letter to students and parents outlining the plans for examinations due to take place in summer 2022. This also includes details about the contingency plans in place if exams cannot go ahead due to further Covid disruptions.

Results Day 2022
Under the current Government guidelines the results day for GCSE this year is Thursday 25th August.

Further information on the format of this day will be provided in due course.