We are committed to ensuring that students can travel to school safely and in an environmentally sustainable way. The following information outlines information in relation to our bus service and cycling to school. 

Bus Timetables 

Service 432/435 

Brinsley/Selston am 

Selston/Brinsley pm 

Fare £1.50 each way £2.50 return 

Brinsley Durham Ox  0800 
Brinsley Broad Lane  0802 
Brinsley Hall Lane  0812 
Brinsley Moor Road  0813 
Brinsley Plainspot Road  0815 
Selston High School – Nottingham Road  0825 
Selston High School – Nottingham Road  1510 
Brinsley Plainspot Road  1520 
Brinsley Moor Road  1522 
Brinsley Hall Lane  1523 
Brinsley Broad Lane  1533 
Brinsley Durham Ox  1535 


Service 433 

AM – Annesley/Jacksdale/Selston  


Fare £1 each way – no return 

Annesley Badger Box  0740 
Fox Street Forest road  0745 
Jacksdale Laverick Road  0755 
Jacksdale Monument  0757 
Jacksdale Welfare  0759 
Jacksdale Palmerstone Street  0801 
Selston High School – Nottingham Road  0805 
Selston High School – Mansfield Road  1507 
Westwood, Palmerston Street  1515 
Jacksdale Welfare  1520 
Jacksdale Monument  1522 
Jacksdale Laverick Road  1525 


Service 434 

AM – Bagthorpe/Underwood/Selston  

PM – Selston/Bagthorpe/Underwood/Annesley 

Fare £1 each way  no return 

Lower Bagthorpe  0810 
Underwood, Hole in the Wall  0815 
Underwood Palmerston Street  0817 
Selston High School – Nottingham Road  0825 
Selston High School, Mansfield Road  1505 
Underwood, Palmerston Street  1512 
Underwood, Hole in the Wall  1515 
Annesley Badger Box  1525 
Fox Street, Forest Road  1527 


For more detail on travel assistance (bus pass applications) please click here or contact Selston High School reception.                                                                                           

Please note: 

The conditions of travel are set out in the booklet issued with the travel permit by Nottingham County Council. 

Students must travel on the bus to which they are allocated to prevent overcrowding. The bus will stop for students to board and alight at the places named, and at intermediate stops if signalled accordingly.