The Selston Pledge Award is designed to promote the development of well-rounded individuals and to recognise the significant achievements of all our students. It is a useful tool when competing for college and university places, jobs and other opportunities.

The Selston Pledge Award can be achieved at 4 different levels: bronze, silver, gold and platinum by completing tasks in each of 6 areas – Academic, Vocational, Sport, Creative, Leadership and Voluntary. Each level takes approximately a year to achieve but is flexible to allow some students to take more or less time.

This week 6 students from Years 10 and 11 have completed their final interview and been rewarded with our highest achievement of a Platinum Pledge award.

During the interview, we heard about Singing in York Minster, Working with ChildNet to support e-safety across Europe, Coaching in Gymnastics, Working for a canine rescue charity, Winning County Fishing Competitions and many more personal achievements.

To quote a student “it has helped me become a well-rounded individual”

More information about our Pledge award can be found here