Subject Leader Mrs A Lynam

For English teachers at Selston High School our subject is our passion. We understand that the ability to read and write to a high standard will greatly enhance a student’s life chances. In addition, the opportunity to share and discuss great literature builds confident, well rounded, and thoughtful citizens. We have found new ways to embody texts that matter to students and have found applicable life skills and lessons in our teaching. We are keen on developing students as a “Selston Citizen” and providing the opportunity for students to develop their emotional intelligence and give back to their community.

Over five years, students will read some of the finest plays, poems and novels ever written and can respond to these texts in a wide variety of ways. From Shakespeare to Carol Ann Duffy, students will learn to love great literature whilst working towards a GCSE in English Literature. We promote a lasting love of reading through visits from poets and authors and trips to the theatre. Projects in class are planned with real audiences and real-life contexts in mind.

The world of communication is evolving quicker than at any time in history and through the study of English language students will trace the written word through to modern digital forms. Students who need extra support with developing reading and writing skills are given additional time and support to develop these skills. GCSE English is a challenging but exciting subject and helps to prepare students for Post 16 study and the world of work. Students will complete GCSE English Language and GCSE English Literature at the end of Year 11.