Our Vision: To empower all students to actively engage in learning about themselves and their relationships with others; to safeguard them whilst preparing them for a challenging and changing world

Young people need our support in world with rapidly changing threats, opportunities, ideas and misinformation. PHSE give us the opportunity to discuss these issues in a safe and understanding environment; safeguarding all our community and responding to local and global issues as they arise.

As a school we wholeheartedly support the philosophy of RSHE and believe it is best taught as part of PSHE lessons and enrichmentThe programme seeks to promote the spiritual, moral, cultural, mental and physical development of pupils as well as preparing them for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of adult life in a digital age. 

The aim of RSHE is to help children build healthy friendships and positive relationships in an age appropriate way.  In RSHE our objective is to raise awareness of attitudes and values, developing personal and social skills and promoting knowledge and understanding.  RSHE covers more than biological facts and information, it endeavours to help children develop self-esteem, self-responsibility as well as the acquisition of understanding and attitudes which prepare children to develop caring, stable, healthy relationships. 

Appreciation of the value of self-respect, dignity, marriage, civil partnership and parental duty is encouraged in all pupils together with the sensitivity to the needs of others, loyalty and acceptance of responsibility.  RSHE also looks at aspects of diversity in an inclusive and non-judgemental way. 

RSHE is embedded across our curriculum through; 

    • Drop Down days 
    • PSHE/ RSHE lessons 
    • External providers 
    • Assemblies
    • Topics in subjects across other subjects 
    • Via the enrichment program in year 7 and 8

It is inevitable that controversial issues may occur as part of RHSE, such as divorce, rape abortion, pornography etc. the issue will be addressed with sensitivity and at a level appropriate to the age group and developmental stage and will take in to account any additional SEND, in an objective manner free from personal biasConsideration will be given to the potential for small group or 1-to-1 discussion for specific questions to be discussedAccount are taken of different viewpoints such as different religious beliefs. Discussion are set within the legal framework and students made aware of the law as it relates to these issuesStudents are made aware that some information cannot be held confidential, and should understand that if certain disclosures are made, certain actions will ensueAt the same time students will be offered sensitive and appropriate support.  

Key Topics and Coverage across the years

YearTermTopicKey Lessons and concepts
7AutumnRelationships, Sex EducationBullying, prevention, reporting and support. personal hygiene, friendships and puberty
7Autumn (Via Enrichment)Selston IntroductionWellbeing, Good Habits, Happiness and time management
7SpringHealth Education and WellbeingAttitudes to smoking and Vaping, healthy eating, body Image, diversity and Feelings
7SummerCareers, Finance and British ValuesSaving, budgeting, advertising, good habits, your values and your responsibilities
7Summer (Via Enrichment)Wellbeing, safety and British ValuesSleep, Extremism and Radicalisation, Grooming - Attitudes towards mental Health, Connections
YearTermTopicKey Lessons and concepts
8AutumnRelationshipsParental and family responsibilities, marriage, civil Partnership, unsafe relationships
8SpringFinance and Sex EducationCharites, gambling bank accounts online purchases and in game currency, child sexual exploitation and contraception
8Spring (Via Enrichment)Careers (to support options) and FinanceUse of the Careers platform, Finance, Borrowing and Money Fraud
8SummerHealth EducationSelf-esteem, decision making, streetwise, self-harm, Abuse and disclosure
8Summer (Via Enrichment)British Values and WellbeingFake News and Conspiracy Theories, Hate crime, Sexting , Forming Positive Relationships
YearTermTopicKey Lessons and concepts
9AutumnCareers and British ValuesCost of living, Tax, human rights, freedom of speech, knife crime, gangs and peer pressure
9SpringHealthVolunteering, Recreational and Prescription Drugs, Alcohol abuse, mental health
9SummerHealth and Sex EducationSafer Sex, age of Consent, HIV and AIDS, STDS, Pornography and Sexual Images
YearTermTopicKey Lessons and concepts
10AutumnRelationshipsOnline bullying, bullying in the workplace, abusive and controlling relationships, unplanned Pregnancies’
10SpringSex Education and CareersSexual orientation and gender identity, young carers and parenting, unemployment, mortgages
10SummerHealth Education and CareersBinge drinking, Long term effects of smoking, Sunbathing, Tattoos, Body image and confidence, What is a CV
YearTermTopicKey Lessons and concepts
11AutumnCareersCareer Action planning, diversity in the workplace, rights and Responsibilities at work
11SpringBritish Values and Study SkillsJobseekers, your rights as a young adult ,FGM and the law, leaving home, dealing with distractions

We are constantly revising our RSHE and PSHE curriculum for all years to adapt to local and national issues while keeping it up to date with current ideas and concepts. As a school we consult with students on the topics and how they are delivered in lessons. We would also love to consult with parents to make sure we are covering appropriate and relevant topics. If you would like to be involved please email Mr McKinlay, Assistant Head in charge of Wider Curriculum.