Subject Leader Mr A Pullen

At Selston High School the Mathematics team work exceptionally hard to inspire students to improve their maths through hard work and dedication. Students learn that the work ethic needed to succeed in maths will help ensure success in life.

We aim to provide a curriculum experience that equips students with the skills to engage with mathematics in a range of contexts. Building pupil confidence with mathematics is essential to ensure that pupils are numerate and begin to develop a mathematical curiosity. Our curriculum equips students with the ability to reason logically and to develop their problem-solving skills. We work to help students recognise the relevance of mathematics to all aspects of their lives and ensure that we convey the applications of mathematics at all opportunities.

Through five years of high-quality teaching, challenge and support the vast majority of our students meet their targeted expectations at GCSE with the most able achieving over and above expectations.

When a new student joins us, they are quickly organised into groups to maximise the individual support they receive. From Year 7 onwards students experience a varied mathematics programme of study fully focussed on individual support and challenge

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